Carol Faye Conservation CO.


Welcome to the Amazon

The Carol Faye Conservation Company would like to welcome you to the Tahuayo Conservation Region! In the Amazon Jungle of Peru, just 13 local communities protect more than 420,000 hectares of rainforest. In 2018, The CFCC sparked a dream to work in harmony with those communities to help them preserve their culture, as well as develop modern projects in accordance with the people’s desires, in order to cultivate the longevity and prosperity of the people and the rainforest.

Our Promise

All of our efforts benefit the people of the communities in the Tahuayo Conservation Region of the Peruvian Amazon. We have multiple projects in progress, the biggest of which is building a new hospital in the community of Chino. All the money we receive goes to the people in the Tahuayo Conservation Region who make these projects possible.